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From: Markco and Kevin Richardson


You may have watched our PvP videos and read some of the gold making tips we have been offering for free over at JustMyTwoCopper.. and we’re here to tell you that becoming good in this game doesn’t need to take as long as you think it does.


By now, I'll bet you know somebody (or have at least heard of somebody) that dressed from head to toe with the best epics, with over 1 Million gold sitting in the bank with nothing else to buy. Basically all they do is stand on top of Auction House mailboxes showing off their gear and talk on trade channel.


Here is the big question. So if they can do it, why are you still stuck?


First of all, it's not your fault!

You've been misinformed and misled, force-fed thousands of pages of useless information, the same information that is blocking you from getting the success you always wanted to achieve.

Here are the cold, hard facts...


Without devoting at least 4 hours a day to the game...you're screwed. You can't even consider being at the top of your server, right?



What if I told you that by this weekend you could have everything you need to make a killing in World of Warcraft :


1) Top your battlegroup with arena points and the latest season's gear

2) Know which items you should be farming, items you should be seeking, instances and raid you should be going and grabbing expensive rare and epic items


3) More than enough gold to buy an all the epics and the best enchants, glyphs and gems  you could possibly  need…


Would you give us the next 6 minutes and read every word of this page?


You see, six years ago, we were in the same boat as you. I had just started Just My Two Copper, a site dedicated to tips and strategies on the best and most effective gold-making tips in the game and Kevin was staring in awe at those items that cost over 500 gold a piece.


In fact, for me I was playing to lose 10 games a week just so that I could get the minimum arena points weekly… sad but true!


The two of us didn’t have any idea what we were doing and when we tried to ask the pros for some help, we got the cold shoulder.



But, we never gave up in ourselves and always knew we had it in us.


We knew we could be better and so we started working harder, playing longer, and taking notes on everything we did as we developed a plan that would help us start beating the best around at their game.


Today, JustMyTwoCopper is the definitive authority on gold-making tips, drawing in tens of thousands of visitors a day and fostering a thriving, dedicated community at the JMTC forums.


Kevin isn’t doing too bad either, notching several important victories at recent Blizzcon Event and topping the Battlegrounds in his respective server for the 5th year running (yes, you read that right.)


Loyal followers of my site will have noticed that I recently relinquished ownership of JMTC a few months back, much to the surprise of my dedicated subscribers.


Word on the street was that Markco was fed up with WoW and wanted to dedicate his time towards other endeavours, which was true to some extent…


But what the public DID NOT KNOW, until this very moment at least, is that I was busy working on what I envisioned to be a radical game-changer


This  would be my lasting legacy to the WoW Community, and my gift to the loyal supporters that have stuck by JMTC throughout the years.




So, basically I went into a manic-productive state, locking myself in my room for hours on end working on this top secret project.


And like all masterpieces, I eventually hit a snag.


And that’s when I met Kevin.



And that’s when I met Kevin.

Picture this.

It’s the final day of the BlizzCon WoW Arena Tournament in Anaheim, California.

I had made my way to the front row to catch the semi-finals of the tournament and lo and behold, right in front of me was Kevin, practicing in the Pro-Gamers Area.

An imposing dude with messy black hair and a face steeled with concentration, it was obvious that this guy was a pro.

The huge crowd that were watching intently knew it too, ooh-ing and aah-ing at his every move.

I leaned closer to get a better glimpse of what he was doing and that was when something on his screen caught my eye.

His UI interface was unlike any other I’d seen before.

It was clearly an add-on of some sort that was helping him in the game, and perfectly legal too, considering that this was an officially sanctioned Blizzard event. Tournament rules do not allow add-ons of any sort, but this was a practice match.

This was exactly what I needed for my project, the missing part of the puzzle - something that could simplify your gameplay and promote lightning-fast reflexes in crucial situations.

It was within arm’s length, and so I bided my time, waiting till his match was over to approach him.

I introduced myself with a firm handshake and poured my heart out.

I had nothing to lose.

I told him about everything. My strategy, my research, my plans, the countless hours I was spending trying to create the ultimate WoW blueprint.

I literally begged him to hop on board my project..

He stood still for a moment with a look of pity that I'll never forget.

And finally he cracked!

Turns out he was a huge fan of my site and had recognized me at first glance.

Damn rascal had me jumping through hoops just for kicks!

We ended up talking for hours and hours, discussing how we were going to work together to turn this dream into reality.

And he eventually got to telling me about the add-on.

He told me that he had put in hundreds of hours studying the rules... the structure and the architecture of the game...

Hundreds of hours of trial and error learning from the best players had gone into this program and the last thing he wanted was for it to fall into the wrong hands.

I literally had to twist his arm and convince him to include it in WoW Crusher.

After making him an offer he couldn’t refuse, of course. (Don’t worry, no threats or innocent beings were harmed during the course of negotiations)

You might be wondering... why would I take Kevin as my partner? Four main reasons:


First of all, I needed an unfair advantage and Kevin was the answer. 

I didn't want to go through what Kevin went through to learn how to kick it with the best of them in the battlegrounds.


This guy has dedicated a good 6 years of his life honing his reflexes and training just to get where he is today!


I wanted it now! The only way to skyrocket up the ladder is to team up with this 900lb Force of Nature.



Second, I figured out that the ingredient which would make WoW Crusher the game-changer I knew it could be lay in the in and outs of class builds, battlegrounds and the arena...


I could certainly deliver the goods in the gold-making department and Kevin was the missing link, and he’s the best out there.


Third, I actually like that guy. Sure he has a "weird" voice, and can get a little crazy-manic at times, but that’s because he has so much dedication for the game, and when it comes down it, he's pretty cool.


Fourth, and it's a biggy!


There was something more we were both missing out on..  a chance to truly help players around the globe take a swat at being a pro without pouring as much time and energy into as we did (seriously, it was a lot of time).


We knew exactly what we could do to help out newbies and seasoned veterans and that was when WoW Crusher was born.


Now, let's be clear on something...


This isn't an e-book. It isn't even just a membership site.


It's basically us drawing a line in the sand and saying "winners on this side, everyone else... step back".




You don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to notice that Blizzard releases new content at a constant and steady pace.


Who can blame them?


They just want to maintain their user base and keep things fresh and interesting for you guys, and this is great news for those who can spare their whole day playing the game.




Now lets talk specifics.


In order to get where we are, we've accumulated a combined total of 1250 days played. Altogether that's 12,264 hours between the both of us ... time which we can never get back


And there’s just one problem: ALL of you must be overwhelmed by it all.


I’m 100% sure you don’t want to log on more than 2 hours a day simply because like most people out there, you “have a life”, “don’t have the time” or *gasp*, “ a full-time job”


You’re crying out for ease above all else.


In short, you want the impossible; a simple, yet all-powerful, "tell me EXACTLY what to do system so I can get all the gold and epics I want, WITHOUT the need to play long hours."

And now... that's exactly why we're here.


Yes, there are players out there getting their PvP gear right when the season even starts (just ask Kevin).


Yes, there really are players out there making 10,000 gold with three or four hours of time invested (me). .


Yes, there are players out there hitting up the highest level raiding content a week or two after the launch of a new expansion. And no, those players do not need to spend 100 hours a week playing the game.

We wanted to tell everyone how they could spend less than 3 hours a day playing the game and get the same results that everyone else was getting with 12 hours a day.

We needed something different, and a simple guide wasn't going to cut it this time.


We needed a format that was going to blow away the WoW community and provide you with exactly what you needed to be the very best.


It took us a while but we finally stumbled upon the perfect answer and you are about to become the beneficiary of that discovery.

WoW Crusher is not just another "guide", it is a system that provides you with endless results.


Kevin and I will be providing a blueprint each and every month with the most up to date, top secret information directly out of Blizzard... you are going to get something no other WoW players have seen before.


We're basically holding your hand and forcing you to be at the top of your server.


Every month comes with the most recent insider tips... red hot sizzling mats to stockpile or sell for the month... patches to expansions to price fluctuations to hot fixes, and how you can legally exploit this information and make a killing from it.


Login to the private members area and absorb all of the changes, then slaughter the server when a patch hits due to Auction House price fluctuations....


Here's a tip: change = opportunities. Here's what one of our members, Ally Beckford, had to say about this...



But that's not all... A monthly PvP feature covers everything you need to know about the current state of WoW’s PvP community, while we answer your questions every month in a Q&A section.



No longer will you be stuck with weeks or even months old strategies that don’t cover the current content..


WoW Crusher will tell you exactly what content you should be looking at and how you’re going to be playing for the next month when each issue hits.


You’ll have the insider information that only the pros have and it’ll give you every tool you need, including a monthly action plan with specific tasks to complete, to beat the very best.


Our monthly insider blueprints are not the only thing you’re getting though.


Along with a regular update from us and top secret ways to take advantage of "them", you’ll get WoW Crusher's Fast Track Program, the ultimate coaching system to your account.


Pimping Out Your Main – We’ll walk you through the right class builds, talent points, gear and all you need to know to playing your class. Never again hear someone tell you "Learn2play".

Milking Your Professions – You’ll learn exactly which classes benefit from which professions along with the end-game gold making potential they each offer. (It's not what you think.) Pick correctly and never waste another minute retraining your professions.

The Ultimate UI – Learn what the Pros use to maximize their UI for optimum efficiency. From the most basic interface to the top raiding UI, learn what it takes to be elite.

Leveling Like a Pro – You don’t need an expensive leveling guide to be effective with your character... learn the tips and tricks the pros use to speed up leveling and reach Level 85 in record time.
Make a Fortune – Gold making done right to farm gold faster than Michael Phelps. Forget all that grinding you’re doing and start making real fortunes by taking advantage of the auction house as the pros do. Learn from the best or farm like the rest.
Uncover Red Hot Items Within Minutes Using Free Tools - The game does not need to be nearly as hard as it appears. Using these free tools that I provide, you will be able to do quick and easy research at a glance, bypassing costly trial and error, wasted hours grinding, and useless Bind on Pickup items.
Pay FAR LESS Than What Your Competitors Are Paying For! - Forget paying the usual Auction House rates for items that you need, want, or can readily resell. Learn where to go, who to talk to, and what professions to train to gain access to top dollar items without spending any more time or money than absolutely necessary.
Know Your Alts – Use your character slots wisely. Learn what the pros do with their accounts to setup a truly epic stable of alts – from your Death Knight and Auction house alt to the twinks and item campers you need to make gold.
Knowing Your Guild – Guilding up is a key part of any account’s lifespan. Learn when to do it, how to choose the right guild and how to infiltrate your server's top guild. I call this the leeching technique. 
PvP and Raiding – The ultimate end-game prep guide for getting your characters ready for PvP and raiding. Don’t jump in without an idea of what you’re doing. Prep your account first and destroy your opponents.

To sweeten the deal further (I'm gonna go all out!)... and to make absolutely sure this is the ultimate World of Warcraft solution in the galaxy...

With WoW Crusher you will also be getting our revolutionary WoW Crusher Add-On (what I was talking about earlier), which will provide you with the best possible build for every class and situation.

And this system is implemented in-game, all you have to do is log in the character you want to spec for and the talent points will automatically (or manually, if you so with) distribute the talent points for you.

These are not random, cobbled together specs that every player is using. The WoW Crusher Add-On shows you how to get ahead regardless of what spec or direction you are heading in the game. All the optimal Tanking, DPS, and healing specs are available for every purpose you can imagine.

It is precisely this freedom of choice that makes this add-on so valuable and if you act now, this state of the art technology is yours absolutely free!

For months or even years, you’ve been waiting for that one system that can make a difference in how  you play the game.

 You’ve been looking for one that will allow you to jump ahead of your opponents once and for all.

 That’s what you just found.

 No more 6 hour days.

 No more butt whooping in every BG you play

 No more hours of playing with NOTHING to show for

 Just PvP with the payoff you’ve always dreamed off – lots of points and your opponents rezzing over and  over again to try it one more time.

 And here’s the deal. People don’t want me revealing this information.

 They have a stranglehold on the  game and if guys like you start showing up and kicking their asses,  they’ll have to try even harder. So, this can’t last forever.

 Eventually, the pressure is going to build. So, I need you to act fast because I want to help as many players as possible before I can’t sell WoW Crusher for this price any longer.

 So here's what we decided...

So to make sure that you get your hands on this information, no matter what your situation, we are practically committing "online suicide" by allowing you to try the whole package for just...


That’s not a misprint, it's not a typo and it’s not a joke. After that, you'll have to pay the full cost. No if's no but's...

 Look, don't be deceived by the price...

  ...With the hours and hours of tutorials and the blueprints showing you how to copy the exact strategies    we used to rank top 10 in my battlegroup .... insane gold strategies, not to mention the proven template  strategies that you can replicate, we are sure you'll agree that...

  This Is *Incalculable* Value

But don't take our word for it. Here's a look at what some of the users of the WoW Crusher system have to say:-

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  And to top it all off... Here's our:


    It's decision time: kill, or be killed...

 At the moment, many of your competitors are using these techniques against you.


 The question now is whether you want to take advantage and protect yourself from the inevitable  onslaught. The gains are monstrous, but the losses are far, far worse for those outside the loop.... you have been warned...

 In essence, you have no real choice. You must act fast. 

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Note: Upon completion of payment, click on "Return to Merchant" and Clickbank will direct you to a page to the member's area. This means that you can gain access at anytime of the day, even at 2 a.m!

    Signing off,


Good luck and have fun! I can’t wait to see your emails and success stories!

PS. Do remember, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, just let me know and I will take you out of our members area and give you your full refund, no questions asked. I’ve earned a reputation throughout the years not only as the definitive gold-guru but also as an honest guy.

PPS. I’ve spent years building trust, and you have my word that you will get a full refund should you not be happy with your purchase. That being said, we have yet to receive an actual refund request because WoW Crusher is just that damn good.


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